Stories of the Vikings


A special bundle, including Stories of the Vikings and History Pictures for a Living Education: The Vikings, is also available.

Stories of the Vikings is a charming little book, penned by Mary MacGregor, a prolific author of children’s history books in the early twentieth century. First published over one hundred years ago as part of a children’s history series from T. C & E. C. Jack, it regales its audience with the daring and exciting exploits of these fierce seafarers from so long ago. Though the Viking Age has long since died out it would perhaps do us well to remember how the history of these northmen is so entwined with our own, and the little stories contained within this book, written in a lively and engaging manner, will help us towards this understanding.

This new edition of Stories of the Vikings, brought to you exclusively by Charlotte Mason Beehive, has now received a little bit of a nip and a tuck, with careful edits bringing it up to date for students of the twenty-first century.

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Intended for use within the realm of a Charlotte Mason education Stories of the Vikings is intended to be used over the course of one academic school year, alongside an additional history reader, such as Our Island Story, by H. E. Marshall. It has been arranged for effective use with Miss Mason’s principle of short lessons, and therefore some chapters have been split into parts and the readings spread across more than one lesson. Another unique facet to the new edition is the inclusion of narration breaks dividing the text, allowing parents and students to move easily through the text at a pace which is suitable to the abilities of the child.

As an aid to accompany the text, we highly recommend History Pictures for a Living Education: The Vikings, a compilation of photographs exclusively arranged for use alongside the book. Footnotes are littered throughout Stories of the Vikings, indicating when a picture is available to supplement the text.

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Print, Digital


PDF, Paperback

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98 pages

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A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in. / 148 x 210 mm)

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September 2021


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