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Charlotte Mason’s “Home Education” Series

It goes without saying that the best way to learn about a new philosophy is to go straight to the source. When I first started learning about Charlotte Mason the six book set was out of print and very expensive, so practically all of my knowledge and understanding came from second and third hand sources. I was so excited when the volumes were brought back into print (I purchased the Living Books Press editions which are available on Amazon), but I certainly wasn’t prepared for how life-changing reading her words for myself was going to be.

So much of what I thought I knew about this way of educating was either incomplete at best or completely incorrect at worst. After getting over the initial hump of Mason’s Victorian English, I came to appreciate her wit and style and the frankness by which she makes her claims. She really isn’t so hard to understand once you’ve spent time with her.

A Delectable Education

If you’re brand new to Charlotte Mason, completely overwhelmed by all the information out there, and unsure how to put the principles into practice, you really can’t go wrong with A Delectable Education. Prior to Charlotte Mason’s six volumes coming back into print, this podcast single-handedly turned me from a potential classical home educator and Charlotte Mason skeptic, into a huge proponent of her method.

Spearheaded by three spirit-filled women from the other side of the Atlantic, who seek to “spread the feast of the Charlotte Mason method” this podcast is an absolute wealth of insight and information. And bonus for the busy mama who can’t find the time to sit down and read long books, articles, and blog posts, I like to listen while I wash up the breakfast dishes.

Charlotte Mason Poetry

Perhaps not the best place to start when you’re new to Charlotte Mason, this blog is almost certainly the place to hibernate once you’ve caught the C.M. bug. The brain child of C.M. dad Art Middlekaulf, Charlotte Mason Poetry really delves deep into the method and provides many thought provoking, scholarly, and philosophical articles on not just the “what” and “how” but also the “why” in a Charlotte Mason education.

One of the website’s goals is to bring first-hand resources from Charlotte Mason and the P.N.E.U., which have never before been seen, back under public notice so that together we can learn more and understand more. In addition the website operates an audio blog so that you can listen to these wonderful articles whilst going about your day.

Modern Miss Mason

If you ever want to just cuddle up on the sofa with a blanket and tea, and let the wisdom of a Charlotte Mason mum wash over you, building you up, encouraging you, and inspiring you, then look no further than the soothing voice of Leah Boden, a.k.a. Modern Miss Mason. Not only does she spearhead the foremost British podcast on Charlotte Mason but she home educates her own children using the Charlotte Mason Method while pastoring a church alongside her husband, too,. She is a busy lady, to be sure. Active on Instagram and Facebook, she is accessible to all her listeners and Charlotte Mason mums, new and old. She is kind, generous, and entirely selfless. Her podcasts should not be missed.

Charlotte Mason Conversations

If you are a Charlotte Mason educator in the U.K. then look no further than the amazing community housed (virtually) on Facebook at Charlotte Mason Conversations.

The brain child of Modern Miss Mason (see above), it is the only Charlotte Mason community exclusive to people living in Miss Mason’s homeland. Charlotte Mason Conversations is a friendly, welcoming group boasting a wealth of expertise and resources. From book recommendations, home ed support, downloadable files and resources, and even community gatherings, weekends away, and retreats to Ambleside itself, this is one group you won’t want to miss out on being a part of.

Please note that the group only opens the gates to new members at set times in the year so there may be a wait until you are able to join.

Thinking Love

This delightful podcast is perfect for those of us with little children under foot because it is centered primarily around implementing the Charlotte Mason Method during the early years, those special years before the child turns six. Featuring a conversation between two Charlotte Mason mummies, one a former teacher in a Charlotte Mason school, and the other an American raising her boys in England, Thinking Love is both inspiring and uplifting.

My Little Robins

Another one for mums with ‘littles’ in the early years. My Little Robins is a blog run by Leah from Thinking Love. As a home educating mum of the Charlotte Mason Method, and a former teacher within a Charlotte Mason school, she has plenty of experience to draw upon when it comes to encouraging other mums during the ‘early years’ of a CM education. She is gracious, kind, and full of encouragement for her readers.

The Charlotte Mason Digital Archives

Again, not something you would probably indulge in as a newbie to this way of educating but if you’re keen to do your own digging and add to your Charlotte Mason knowledge, the archives are great fun to dive into.

Just visit archive.org, and type CMDC into the search bar followed by any search term you may be interested in learning more about.

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