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Introduce your students to the wonders of the world they live in with The New World at Home, a lively, engaging, and enthusiastic first book of geography for young students. Within the pages of this book they shall first travel to the Frozen North to embark on an exciting journey across the continents of North and South America.

This bundle includes a copy of The New World at Home, as well as its picture-book companion, Geography Pictures for a Living Education: The New World at Home, which is intrinsically linked to the narrative of the geography reader.

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In this print bundle you will receive:

The New World at Home

The New World at Home is intended to be used with students in Form I (ages 6-8), and provides a first introduction to the study of geography for young children. It is a brand new edition of a book first published over a hundred and fifty years ago. Penned by sisters, Mary and Elizabeth Kirby, in the 1860s, The World at Home was a beloved first geography book for children in the nineteenth century. Now retitled The New World at Home the text has been fully updated for use by twenty-first century students of geography, whilst fully maintaining the spirit in which the original was written. Treating the text with great respect, we have done our very best to maintain the writing style and spirit in which the original was written.

Perfectly curated for a Charlotte Mason style of education and comprised of 54 short chapters, you and your students shall journey to the far north where the sea is broken up with ice, where the polar bear prowls, and where beautiful lights of all different colours dance merrily across the sky. From there you shall continue to the New World, and shall learn about the ancient customs of the Native American. Up and down the country you shall travel, hearing as you go, many of the wondrous tales of the animals and people who live there.

Geography Pictures for a Living Education: The New World at Home

Geography Pictures for a Living Educations is a brand new picture book series designed to enhance and bring to life the wonder and beauty of the world we live in. For students and young people learning about the uniqueness of God’s creation; the animals, birds, and plants; the people and their work and industries; the nations and the fruit of their soil; these books will engage the mind and ignite the imagination, bringing the narrative of their travel tales and geographical readers to life.

The picture book features over one hundred photographs and illustrations, ranging from the powerful marvel of an Icelandic Geyser, to the beauty of a burst cotton pod, to the fascinating history of the Patagonian Giants and other indigenous tribes of the Americas, and to the hardiness of the animals that occupy the farthest north.

All pictures are related to the narrative of the Form I Geography reader and footnotes are littered throughout the lesson book text to highlight when a particular image is available to be used. Printed on 200 gsm glossy paper, the physical book is spiral bound for ease of use, and all pictures are clearly labelled.

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Print version


Spiral Bound

The New World at Home Page count

136 pages

Geography Pictures Page count

134 pages

The New World at Home Print Product Size

A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in. / 148 x 210 mm)

Geography Pictures Print Product Size

A4 Landscape (11.69 x 8.27 in. / 29.7 x 21 cm)

Geography Pictures Paper

200 gsm gloss

First published

June 2021


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