Geography 1.1 Complete Curriculum


Geography 1.1 is a comprehensive year-long curriculum intended for home educated students in Form IB (U.K. Year 2; age 6) who are following the Charlotte Mason method of education, introducing them to a broad view of the world outside their own front doors.

Modelled upon Miss Mason’s own programme for Geography in this age group, the course is comprised of one hundred and eight lessons to be taken over 36 weeks of the academic school year, and includes two examinations and a free period at the end of each term.

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Through short sketches, tales, and anecdotes the children will get a glimpse of the beautiful, diverse, and vast universe God has created. Upon spending considerable time in the Americas, from the Far North to the deep forests of South America, they will be introduced to all manner of fascinating cultures, creatures, and plant life. Further more they will travel through the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia, visiting exotic places such as Tibet, Australia, and Iran. It is an exciting and worthwhile adventure which will ignite the imaginations of little ones everywhere and leave them with a taste, a desire, and a yearning curiosity to know more about the world we live in.

The Teacher’s Guide and Lesson Plan is designed to be used alongside the reading of The New World at Home and Little Folk in Modern Lands, both revised reprints of books Miss Mason used herself and published exclusively by Charlotte Mason Beehive. The children will also undertake physical geography lessons from Elementary Geography, by Charlotte Mason (these lessons are included in the lesson plans so there is no need to purchase the book), make models of landforms in a tray of sand, learn their way around a map, and get outside with our Outdoor Geography Handbook.

The guide lays out each lesson step-by step, includes helpful guidance on how to teach the course, as well as poetry which relates to the physical geography lessons.

Inside this guide you will find:

  • Detailed information on teaching Geography in Form I
  • 36 weeks of lesson plans
  • A step-by-step walk-through of each lesson
  • Physical geography lessons
  • Lessons for making landforms in a tray of sand
  • Detailed supply lists as necessary
  • An approximate amount of time the reading should take
  • Helpful hints for introducing map work to this age group.
  • A basic recap of the previous lesson
  • Poetry

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