Poetry in Motion: History told through Verse and Song (55 BC – 1199)


Poetry in Motion: History told through Verse and Song is brought to you exclusively by Charlotte Mason Beehive and attempts to revive the ancient practice of connecting to the events of the past through the poetical nuances of the English language.

History told by way of verse and rhyme is almost as old as time itself. For centuries, history was relived in verse and in song, passed down orally from generation to generation, delighting one another with the tales of people and events; the good, the bad, and the ugly. History told in this way captures the emotions of the past in ways not always possible through prose or painting.

There are forty-two poems included in this collection, derived from a variety of sources, and including poems from the likes of C. M. Yonge, William Cowper, and H. W. Longfellow. Volume 1.1 covers the people and events prominent in the stories from Early Britain (55 BC — AD 1199) and has been designed for use with Form I students reading history within the confines of a Charlotte Mason education.

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September 2021


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