Morning Lessons in a Form I Classroom

Students in the first form (age 6-8) spent just two and a half hours in morning lessons, including half an hour for drill and games. The morning ordinarily ran from 09:00 – 11.30 each day, six times a week. The lessons were usually1 between 10 and 20 minutes in length.

The lessons covered in this time were as follows. The times shown are taken from samples of timetables issued to members of the P.U.S. and are meant as a guide only. Further information on each subject will be added periodically. Use the menu bar above to navigate to the correct subject.




  1. In a 1908 example of a Parents Union School (P.U.S.) timetable, there was one thirty minute lesson a week in Number (Arithmetic), and two thirty minute lessons a week for Handicrafts. This thirty minute slot does not appear in the later examples of P.U.S. schedules. []
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