History Pictures for a Living Education: The Stuarts


History Pictures for a Living Education: The Stuarts features over one hundred and seventy photographs and illustrations of arms, relics, artefacts, past fashions, historic sites and castles, architecture, artistic representations of historic events, plans and maps, and portraits of eminent persons.

Picking up where the last volume left off picks up this volume of History Pictures for a Living Education covers the years following the death of Elizabeth I. in 1603 through the reign of Queen Anne, which came to an end in 1714.

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Largely based on Black’s History Pictures, a series published by A. & C. Black in the early twentieth century, History Pictures for a Living Education has been designed with modern day students in mind, and is brought to you exclusively by Charlotte Mason Beehive. An edition of Black’s History Pictures was frequently recommended as a suitable resource for young students of history by Miss Charlotte Mason of the Parents’ National Educational Union, and we likewise recommend this collection of pictures as an excellent supplement for children and young people studying history today

Despite having been arranged to accompany the reading of living history texts, such as Our Island Story, by H. E. Marshall, or A History of England, by H. O. Arnold-Forster, this book can be used by students of all ages, forms, and educational philosophies studying British History, and makes an excellent companion to history readers and textbooks alike.

This book is printed on 200 gsm glossy paper and is spiral bound for ease of use. All pictures are clearly labelled and most include captions to provide context and continuity throughout.

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Book Type

Digital, Print


PDF, Spiral Bound

Page count

105 pages

Print Product Size

A4 Landscape (11.69 x 8.27 in. / 29.7 x 21 cm)


200 gsm glossy

First published

August 2023


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