Available now: ‘Paper Folding’, by H. G. Paterson

We are thrilled to announce the first republication of H. G. Paterson’s Paper Folding in over a hundred years. Paper Folding was assigned by Charlotte Mason in the programmes sent out to home schoolrooms across the nation and Empire in the early twentieth century. Acting as an introduction to the Swedish discipline of Sloyd, it was used by children as young as six in their first year of formal lessons under the leadership of Miss Mason and was the book of choice up until two years after her death.

This new edition of Paterson’s work has now been fully transcribed and edited, and includes the following prominent features:

  • Available in print or as a digital download.
  • The print version is spiral bound for ease of use.
  • All material required has been updated and simplified to that which is readily available to students of the twenty-first century.
  • All models now include metric as well as imperial measurements.
  • Instructions have been clarified where deemed necessary.
  • Contains all the original drawings.
  • Clear and comprehensive material lists.
  • Clear sections dividing the text and arranging the work term by term, to cover an entire academic school year.
  • Uses the same model rotation that Charlotte Mason did.
  • A complete materials supply pack, including everything you need to teach Paper Sloyd for a year is included as a bundle or is available as a separate purchase.

An excellent introduction to Sloyd for young children, Paper Folding contains projects which are simple to make and require minimal tools. Students will construct models such as envelopes, hats, baskets, flags, and much more.

As always it is our hope that others may find it an enjoyable and useful addition to the resources available for Charlotte Mason educators.

You can order the new book here. Please note that initial stock for this item is extremely limited so order now to ensure you don’t miss out.

We are also now offering free shipping throughout the United Kingdom.

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