Behind the Scenes is a new feature of Charlotte Mason Beehive. Walk with me while I open my heart—raw, uncensored, and authentic—and tell the stories behind Charlotte Mason Beehive, our books, and our family. Rachel North The Counties of England, by Charlotte Mason. This is the book that[…]

Scheduling 2 × 20 minute lessons per week. The second lesson is optional. The P.U.S. programmes state that “A second lesson to be taken on Saturday, 9.20-9.40, otherwise pages read with omissions,” so should the teacher decide to schedule just one lesson a week then she may find[…]

“For the matter for this intelligent teaching of history, eschew, in the first place, nearly all history books written expressly for children; and in the next place, all compendiums, outlines, abstracts whatsoever […] Let a child have the meat he requires in his history readings, and in the[…]