Introducing Charlotte Mason Beehive International

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our new website, Charlotte Mason Beehive International (, created especially to serve our growing network of customers who live outside of the United Kingdom.

This has been a huge undertaking but one that has been heavy on our hearts for a long time so as to provide a better customer experience for our international customers.

Now, customers around the world will be able to shop through Charlotte Mason Beehive while enjoying significantly lower shipping costs, in many cases less than half of what one would have been required to pay through our UK site. This is because orders placed through Charlotte Mason Beehive International will now be printed on demand and sent directly from the printers. In addition, all prices on our new site are listed in United States Dollars.

For more information on our new site and how it will impact our customers please click here.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our international network this new way to purchase from Charlotte Mason Beehive, and trust that you will continue to enjoy the same positive customer experience shopping with us. We will always be on the look out for new ways to make our processes simpler, more efficient, and beneficial to all concerned, and we thank you greatly for your patience, support, and kindness while we streamline our operations. And please remember that our U.K. store is always open to international customers who wish to use it.

2 comments on “Introducing Charlotte Mason Beehive International

  1. Hi!

    I have previously purchased the paper folding book but I would LOVE to get the supply pack as well. Is there any chance you’ll be offering that on your international site as well? I can’t possibly pay for the high shipping costs on the uk site.

    Thank you,

    • admin on said:

      Hi Janelle,

      Thank you for your message. Unfortunately it is not currently possible to offer the supply packs on the international site as they are put together by hand here in the UK. Only our books which can be sent out directly from the printers are able to enjoy the benefits of the international site at the present time. We’re really sorry for the disappointment this may cause. Your feedback is very important to us and we will continue to look at ways we can make it easier for our international customers to purchase the products they want without incurring the high shipping costs.

      Thank you very much for your continued support. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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