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June / July 2021

The New World at Home, by Mary and Elizabeth Kirby
Revised and Updated by Rachel E. North

The New World at Home is a brand new edition of a book first published over a hundred and fifty years ago. Penned by sisters, Mary and Elizabeth Kirby, in the 1860s, The World at Home was a beloved first geography book for children in the nineteenth century.

Now retitled The New World at Home the text has been updated for use by twenty-first century students of geography, whilst fully maintaining the spirit in which the original was written. Treating the text with great respect, we have made careful edits and additions wherever necessary.

In this revised edition you shall journey to the far north where the sea is broken up with ice, where the polar bear prowls, and where beautiful lights of all different colours dance merrily across the sky. From there you shall continue to the New World, and shall learn about the ancient customs of the Native American. Up and down the country you shall travel, hearing as you go, many of the wondrous tales of the animals and people who live there.


Geography Pictures for a Living Education: The New World at Home

Geography Pictures for a Living Education: The New World at Home is the first volume in a new picture book series designed to enhance and bring to life the wonder and beauty of the world we live in.

A companion to the geography reader of the same name, it features over one hundred photographs and illustrations, ranging from the powerful marvel of an Icelandic Geyser, to the beauty of a burst cotton pod, to the fascinating history of the “Patagonian Giants” and other indigenous tribes of the Americas, and to the hardiness of the animals that occupy the farthest north.


August / September 2021

Fairy Tales and Fables
Compiled and arranged by Rachel. E. North

Compiled and arranged exclusively for Charlotte Mason Beehive’s Form I Tales curriculum, Fairy Tales and Fables includes stories by master storytellers Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, and Aesop.

Intended for children in Form IB (the first year of a Charlotte Mason education) and inspired by Charlotte Mason’s own practice of assigning fairy tales to her youngest students, twelve fairy tales and twelve fables have been chosen for slow and careful reading across a thirty-six week school year as laid out in the accompanying Teacher’s Guide and Lesson Plan.

Arranged in the same order that they will be read during the school year, longer stories have been broken up into parts and spread across multiple lessons. Narration breaks are also included to indicate an appropriate place to stop and ask for narration if necessary.

Taken from Victorian editions of the works, the stories chosen include much loved favourites such as ‘The Snow Queen’, ‘The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood’, and ‘Little Snow-white’, as well as some less well-known selections.


Tales 1.1: Teacher’s Guide and Lesson Plan

Tales 1.1 is a comprehensive year-long curriculum intended for home educated students in Form IB (U.K. Year 2; age 6) who are following the Charlotte Mason method of education.

Modelled upon Miss Mason’s own programme of Literature for this age, the course comprises sixty-six lessons to be taken over one full academic year of 36 weeks, and includes three end of term examinations. The students will read much loved fairy tales and fables from master storytellers Hans Christen Andersen, Aesop, The Brothers’ Grimm, and Charles Perrault.

The Teacher’s Guide and Lesson Plan is designed to be used alongside the reading of Fairy Tales and Fables, a compilation of fairy stories published exclusively by Charlotte Mason Beehive for the purpose of this course. The guide lays out each lesson step-by step and includes helpful guidance on how to teach the course; 33 weeks of copy work passages which relate to the readings each week; and lessons set aside for drawing scenes from Tales, in brushwork.